Janis Bukowski

Music – ’05

I went to Idyllwild for all 4 years of high school and attended the summer camp many times. I loved being immersed in a community that was all about the arts. It was not easy to have academic and music classes all day long, but I think it really prepared me for university and the ‘real world’. I had some amazing, influential teachers at IAA, and all my former classmates are now valuable colleagues in the music and art scene. My experience at Idyllwild is such a significant part of the individual I am today. I miss rehearsals in the forest, spontaneous jam sessions, and bumping into friends everywhere you go.

Janis Bukowski grew up in Agoura Hills, California in a family of music lovers. At the age of 11, she first saw the upright bass and was instantly drawn to it. After playing both jazz and classical music throughout middle school, she attended the summer jazz program at the Idyllwild Arts Academy, and knew immediately that she was meant to be a student there. After 4 years at IAA, she moved to Montreal and graduated from Mcgill University with a Bachelor’s degree in classical music performance.

Janis has continued to play both electric and upright bass with a variety of jazz combos, choirs, and rock bands in Montreal. She has also branched into electronic music by djing under the name ‘DJ JABU’. For the past few years, she has been djing abroad and just recently returned from working in Dubai. Janis hopes to progress as an international dj and wishes to someday combine her bass playing with live electronic music.

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