Kayla Tuggle

Dance – ’10

My overall experience at Idyllwild was very educating! I came from a competition background from Morris, Illinois. When I decided that I wanted to pursue dance as a career, Idyllwild was the only boarding school in the United States that would offer multiple styles of dance. Classes such as modern jazz, ballet, point, Partnering, improvisation, modern, African and even tap classes. It was the one school that fit me, seeing as I have a very athletic body and classical ballet wasn’t my main focus. The teachers were very motivating and pushed me to test my limits. In 2010 I graduated Idyllwild with the ‘Most outstanding artist of the year’ Award! Thanks to the help of Lillian Barbeito and Deborah Brockus I was accepted to Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, (Rotterdam Dance Academy). I spent the last year of my studies dancing with a company here in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Conny Janssen Dasnt. One of few companies left in Holland after the government did budget cuts for Arts & Culture in 2011. As of July 5, 2014 I am a graduate of Codarts and am happy to say I am now a professional Dancer!

Currently, I am auditioning for projects around Europe. My main goal is to stay in the EU, I have found that Europe is the perfect place for the dance scene and for myself. Idyllwild’s Dance Department helped prepare me for the Contemporary dance world and I am thankful for the people who helped my dreams come true!

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