Wendy Reinert

Dance – ’00

Wendy was a one year senior at Idyllwild, graduating in 2000. She attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and earned her BFA in dance in ’03. Since then, She has performed with the Peridance Ensemble, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers and still performs with Mark Morris Dance Group in “The Hard Nut” and “L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato” and with The Metropolitan Opera Ballet.

A dance injury in 2007 ago led her to the circus world, where she discovered a deep love of aerial arts. She still performs in the air and on the ground regularly, crediting her injuries with constantly teaching her how to train smarter. For the last 10 years, she has been a NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer and specializes in working with clients who have severe orthopedic issues and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

In 2017, she went back to school for Life Coaching. Now, as a CFT Certified Professional Coach, she is devoted to filling a need for emotional and mental support in the grueling dance and circus industries. She teaches workshops and seminars at dance and circus schools across the country on managing the emotional impact of the common issues dancers face: injury, rejection, competition, perfectionism, and the most dreaded of all: retirement. She is breaking the taboo in the dance world of talking about just how difficult it actually is to BE a dancer.

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